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    Balance your hormones naturally 

    I specialise in balancing women's hormones so they can get back to feeling their best

    Are your hormones out of balance?
    • Are you feeling moody, depressed, irritable, tired, or anxious?​

    • Do you feel bloated or are you carrying extra weight around the middle or experiencing sugar cravings? 

    • Is a low libido impacting the way you feel or have you noticed changes in your monthly cycle (irregular/heavy/painful periods), tender breasts, fluid retention or PMS?

    • Are you experiencing hot flushes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, memory loss, headaches and "brain fog"?

    •  Do you feel your current health is having an impact on your confidence, motivation, and energy levels?

    • If you have answered yes to any of those questions, I can help you!

    Want to look & feel great? The key is balancing your hormones!

    What I do: I help women suffering from hormonal symptoms including PMT, mood swings, low libido, hot flushes, fatigue, and weight gain get their health back on track.


    How: By finding the root cause through functional testing and then giving you the right nutritional and lifestyle tools to address it.


    Why: Because every woman deserves to reclaim their health and their self-esteem, reconnect with the life you once loved.

    Women often blame themselves for feeling overwhelmed and out of control when hormonal changes hit.


    Unwanted symptoms often lead to feelings of despair and isolation as women no longer feel likable or fun to be around. I am passionate about empowering women to get back to their former happy selves so they can reconnect with their friends, families and the life they once loved.

    A simple system to balance your hormones using my 3 step programme!



    Completing detailed health questionnaires helps me to understand the root cause of your symptoms and give me a foundation to build your plan.


    I will recommend the correct lab tests (if required) to get a full understanding of your symptoms & what to do about getting your hormones back in balance!


    I will show you how simple changes to your diet & lifestyle can help to get you rebalanced. 


    Knowing what foods to enjoy and which ones to remove from your diet to help your body reset. 


    Using appropriate targeted supplements to address any imbalances, to help support  YOUR very own personalised plan. 

    So, you may be wondering if this approach is right for you? Each person is totally unique, so getting back to feeling "yourself" can vary anywhere between 3-6 months depending on your symptoms, your plan is completely personal to you. 

    If you are ready to see real results, investing in your health could be the single most important thing you do for yourself today!​

    I run my practice in Plymouth, Devon and I also carry out consultations over the telephone or by Skype/Zoom. I am here to help and support you.

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    Let's schedule a time so we chat and see how I can help you to get back to feeling your best again!

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    My philosophy

    "If we nourish our bodies with a balance of healthy and natural foods ~ it will provide us with an energised, healthy and vibrant body, allowing us to enjoy good health and longevity".

    Success Stories

    2 years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and struggling with my digestion. I was feeling very sluggish, tired and run down. Medication prescribed by the doctor did not really help me proactively deal with the condition, they were just suppressing the problem.

    I decided to try something completely new to me and had a consultation with Nikki.​
    As a result  I have lots of energy, I am exercising on a regular basis, and I am feeling alert and fully energised.

    I haven’t looked back since that day, with Nikki’s help I am now in complete control of my body again".

    Lynda, Plymouth